Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide POP Configuration Example

The POP Messaging Multiplexor example in 7.4.1 A Sample Topology is installed on tarpit, a machine with four processors. This Messaging Multiplexor is listening to the standard port for POP connections (110). Messaging Multiplexor communicates with the LDAP server on the host phonebook for user mailbox information, and it routes the connection to the appropriate POP server.

This is its PopProxyAService.cfg configuration file:

default:LdapUrl ldap://
default:LogDir /opt/SUNWmsgsr/config/log
default:LogLevel 5
default:BindDN "cn=Directory Manager"
default:BindPass password
default:BacksidePort 110
default:Timeout 1800
default:SearchFormat (uid=%s)
default:SSLEnable no
default:VirtualDomainFile /opt/SUNWmsgsr/config/vdmap.cfg
default:VirtualDomainDelim @
default:MailHostAttrs mailHost
default:PreAuth no
default:CRAMs no
default:AuthCacheSize 10000
default:AuthCacheTTL 900
default:AuthService no
default:AuthServiceTTL 0
default:BGMax 10000
default:BGPenalty 2
default:BGMaxBadness 60
default:BGDecay 900
default:BGLinear no
default:BGExcluded /opt/SUNWmsgsr/config/bgexcl.cfg
default:LdapCacheSize 10000
default:LdapCacheTTL 900
default:HostedDomains yes