Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide Miscellaneous Attribute Support

Next the mailMsgMaxBlocks attribute is considered. First it is minimized with the domain block limit returned from the LDAP_DOMAIN_ATTR_BLOCKLIMIT MTA option. If the size of the current message is known to exceed the limit, alias processing terminates with a size-exceeded error. If the size is not known or does not exceed the limit, the limit is nevertheless stored and will be rechecked when the message itself is checked later. The use of mailMsgMaxBlocks can be overridden with the LDAP_BLOCKLIMIT MTA option.

Next a number of attributes are accessed and saved. Eventually these will be written into the queue file entry for use by the ims_master channel program, which will then use them to update the store's user information cache. If the attributes are not found for individual users, domain-level attributes can be used to set defaults.

This step is skipped if the LDAP entry is for a group rather than a user or if the LDAP entry came from the alias cache and not from the LDAP directory. The logic behind the latter criteria is that frequent updates of this information are unnecessary and using the alias cache offers a reasonable criteria for when updates should be done. The names of the attributes retrieved are set by various MTA options.

Table 9–3 shows the MTA options which set the retrieved disk quota and message quota attributes.

Table 9–3 MTA Options Which Set the Retrieved Disk Quota and Message Quota Attributes

MTA option 






Next a number of attributes are stored for possible use in conjunction with metacharacter substitutions later.

Table 9–4 shows the MTA options, the default attribute, and metacharacters.

Table 9–4 MTA Options, Default Attributes, and Metacharacters

MTA Option 

Default Attribute 









no default 

$1E $1G $E


no default 

$2E $2G $G


no default 

$3E $3G


no default 

$4E $4G


no default 

$5E $5G

Spare slots for additional attributes are included so that you can use them to build customized address expansion facilities.

Next any values associated with the mailconversiontag attribute are added to the current set of conversion tags. The name of this attribute can be changed with the LDAP_CONVERSION_TAG MTA option. If any values were associated with the domain's mailDomainConversionTag attribute, they are attached as well.