Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

Mapping Table Substitutions ($|...|)

A substitution of the form $|mapping;argument| is handled specially. The MTA looks for an auxiliary mapping table named mapping in the MTA mappings file, and uses argument as the input to that named auxiliary mapping table. The named auxiliary mapping table must exist and must set the $Y flag in its output if it is successful; if the named auxiliary mapping table does not exist or doesn't set the $Y flag, then that auxiliary mapping table substitution fails and the original mapping entry is considered to fail: the original input string is used as the output string.

Note that when you want to use processing control metacharacters such as $C, $R, or $L in a mapping table entry that does a mapping table substitution, the processing control metacharacter should be placed to the left of the mapping table substitution in the mapping table template; otherwise the “failure” of a mapping table substitution means that the processing control metacharacter is not seen.