Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

10.4.4 Dispatcher Configuration File

The Dispatcher configuration file, dispatcher.cnf, specifies Dispatcher configuration information. A default configuration file is created at installation time and can be used without any changes made. However, if you want to modify the default configuration file for security or performance reasons, you can do so by editing the dispatcher.cnf file. (For conceptual information, see 8.3 The Dispatcher

The Dispatcher configuration file format is similar to the format of other MTA configuration files. Lines specifying options have the following form:


The option is the name of an option and value is the string or integer to which the options is set. If the option accepts an integer value, a base may be specified using notation of the form b%v, where b is the base expressed in base 10 and v is the actual value expressed in base b. Such option specifications are grouped into sections corresponding to the service to which the following option settings apply, using lines of the following form:


The service-name is the name of a service. Initial option specifications that appear before any such section tag apply globally to all sections.

The following is a sample Dispatcher configuration file (dispatcher.cnf).

! The first set of options, listed without a [SERVICE=xxx]
! header, are the default options that will be applied to all
! services.
! Define the services available to Dispatcher

For more information about the parameters for this file, see the Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Reference.