Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

10.10.2 To Customize and Localize Delivery Status Notification Messages

Delivery Status Notification Messages can be localized such that messages will be returned to different users in different languages. For example, French notifications could be returned to users who have expressed a preference for French.

Localizing or customizing status notification messages consists of two steps:

  1. Create a set of localized/customized return_*.txt message files and store each set in a separate directory. This is described in 10.10.1 To Construct and Modify Status Notifications

  2. Set up a NOTIFICATION_LANGUAGE mapping table.

The NOTIFICATION_LANGUAGE mapping table (located in msg-svr-base/config/mappings) specifies the set of localized or customized notification message files to use depending upon attributes (for example: language, country, domain, or address) of the originating message (the message causing the notification to be sent).

The original sender’s message is parsed to determine status notification type, source channel, preferred language, return address and first recipient. Depending on how the table is constructed, a set of notification files is selected depending on one or more of these attributes.

The format of the NOTIFICATION_LANGUAGE mapping table is as follows. The sample entry line has been wrapped for typographic reasons. The actual entry should appear on one physical line.


 dsn-type-list|source-channel|preferred-language|return-address \
|first-recipient $Idirectory-spec

! Preferred-language: header value specified
    *|*|fr|*|*     $I/lc_messages/table/notify_french/
    *|*|es|*|*     $IIMTA_TABLE/notify_spanish/
    *|*|en|*|*     $I/imta/lang/
! If no Preferred-language value, then select notification based on the
! country code in the domain name. EX: PF=French Polynesia; BO=Bolivia
    *|*|*|*.fr|*   $I/imta/table/notify_french/
    *|*|*|*.fx|*   $I/imta/table/notify_french/
    *|*|*|*.pf|*   $I/imta/table/notify_french/
    *|*|*|*.tf|*   $I/imta/table/notify_french/
    *|*|*|*.ar|*   $I/imta/table/notify_spanish/
    *|*|*|*.bo|*   $I/imta/table/notify_spanish/
    *|*|*|*.cl|*   $I/imta/table/notify_spanish/
    *|*|*|*.co|*   $I/imta/table/notify_spanish/
    *|*|*|*.cr|*   $I/imta/table/notify_spanish/
    *|*|*|*.cu|*   $I/imta/table/notify_spanish/
    *|*|*|*.ec|*   $I/imta/table/notify_spanish/
    *|*|*|*.es|*   $I/imta/table/notify_spanish/
    *|*|*|*.gp|*   $I/imta/table/notify_spanish/
    *|*|*|*.gt|*   $I/imta/table/notify_spanish/
    *|*|*|*.gy|*   $I/imta/table/notify_spanish/
    *|*|*|*.mx|*   $I/imta/table/notify_spanish/
    *|*|*|*.ni|*   $I/imta/table/notify_spanish/
    *|*|*|*.pa|*   $I/imta/table/notify_spanish/
    *|*|*|*.ve|*   $I/imta/table/notify_spanish/

Note –

A default mappings.locale file is provided with the installation and will be included in the mappings file to enable notification language mapping. To disable notification language mapping, comment out the include line as follows:

! <IMTA_TABLE:mappings.locale

(Read the comments in the file and modify to suit your needs.)