Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide To Remove non-US-ASCII Characters from Included Headers in the Status Notification Messages

The raw format for Internet message headers does not permit non-US-ASCII characters. If non-US-ASCII characters are used in a message header they are encoded using “MIME header encoding” described in RFC 2047. Thus, a Chinese “Subject” line in an email message will actually look like this:

Subject: =?big5?Q?=A4j=AB=AC=A8=B1=AD=B1=B0=D3=F5=A5X=AF=B2?=

and it is the responsibility of email clients to remove the encoding when displaying headers.

Because the %H template copies headers into the body of the notification message, the encoded header text will normally appear. However, Messaging Server will remove the encoding if the character set in the subject (in this case “big5”) matches the character set in the Content-Type header character set parameter in return_prefix.txt. If it doesn’t match, the Messaging Server will leave the encoding intact.