Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

11.7 Handling Large Numbers of Rewrite Rules

The MTA always reads in all the rewrite rules from the imta.cnf file and stores them in memory in a hash table. Use of a compiled configuration bypasses the overhead associated with reading the configuration file each and every time the information is needed; a hash table is still used to store all of the rewrite rules in memory. This scheme is adequate for small to medium numbers of rewrite rules. However, some sites may require as many as 10,000 rewrite rules or more, which can consume prohibitive amounts of memory.

The MTA solves this problem by providing an optional facility for storing large numbers of rewrite rules in an ancillary indexed data file. Whenever the regular configuration file is read, the MTA checks for the existence of the domain database. If this database exists, it is opened and consulted whenever an attempted match fails on the rules found in the configuration file. The domain database is only checked if a given rule is not found in the configuration file, so rules can always be added to the configuration file to override those in the database. By default, the domain database is used to store rewrite rules associated with hosted domains. The IMTA_DOMAIN_DATABASE attribute is stored in the imta_tailor file. The default location for the database is msg-svr-base/data/db/domaindb.db.

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