Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide DNS Domain Verification

Keywords: mailfromdnsverify, nomailfromdnsverify

Setting mailfromdnsverify on an incoming TCP/IP channel causes the MTA to verify that an entry in the DNS exists for the domain used on the SMTP MAIL FROM command and to reject the message if no such entry exists. The default, nomailfromdnsverify, means that no such check is performed. Note that performing DNS checks on the return address domain may result in rejecting some desired valid messages (for instance, from legitimate sites that simply have not yet registered their domain name, or at times of bad information in the DNS); it is contrary to the spirit of being generous in what you accept and getting the e-mail through, expressed in RFC 1123, Requirements for Internet Hosts. However, some sites may desire to perform such checks in cases where unsolicited bulk email (UBE) is being sent with forged e-mail addresses from non-existent domains.

Because the introduction of DNS wildcard entries in the COM and ORG top-level domains has made mailfromdnsverify less useful, the mailfromdnsverify code has been modified. When the DNS returns one or more A records, these values are compared against the domain literals specified by the new MTA option BLOCKED_MAIL_FROM_IPS. If a match is found, the domain is considered to be invalid. In order to restore correct behavior the current correct setting is:


This option’s value defaults to an empty string.