Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

12.5.4 Processing Pools for Channel Execution Jobs

Keywords: pool

You can configure various channels to share resources by running within the same pool. You might want to configure other channels to run in pools dedicated to a particular channel. Within each pool, messages are automatically sorted into different processing queues according to message priority. Higher priority messages in the pool are processed before lower-priority messages. (See 12.5.7 Message Priority Based on Size

The pools where the jobs are created can be selected on a channel by channel basis by using the pool keyword. The pool keyword must be followed by the name of the pool to which delivery jobs for the current channel should be pooled. The name of the pool should not contain more than twelve characters.

For further information on Job Controller concepts and configuration, refer to 10.4.8 Job Controller File, 10.4.8 Job Controller File, and 12.5.5 Service Job Limits.