Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

12.6.2 Interpreting Addresses that Use ! and %

Keywords: bangoverpercent, nobangoverpercent, percentonly

Addresses are always interpreted in accordance with RFC 822 and RFC 976. However, there are ambiguities in the treatment of certain composite addresses that are not addressed by these standards. In particular, an address of the form A!B%C can be interpreted as either:


While RFC 976 implies that mailers can interpret addresses using the latter set of conventions, it does not say that such an interpretation is required. Some situations may be better served by the former interpretation.

The bangoverpercent keyword forces the former A!(B%C) interpretation. The nobangoverpercent keyword forces the latter (A!B)%C interpretation. nobangoverpercent is the default.

Note –

This keyword does not affect the treatment of addresses of the form A!B@C. These addresses are always treated as (A!B)@C. Such treatment is mandated by both RFC 822 and RFC 976.

The percentonly keyword ignores bang paths. When this keyword is set, percents are interpreted for routing.