Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

Mail Conversion Tags

Mail conversion tags are special tags which are associated with a particular recipient or sender. When a message is being delivered, the tag is visible to the conversion channel program, which may make use of it for special processing. Conversion tags are stored in the LDAP directory.

Mail conversion tags could be used as follows: the administrator can set up selected users with a mail conversion tag value of harmonica. The administrator then has a conversion channel setup which, when processing that mail, will detect the presence of the tag and the value of harmonica. When that happens, the program will perform some arbitrary function.

Mail conversion tags can be set on a per user or a per domain basis. The recipient LDAP attribute at the domain level is MailDomainConversionTag (modifiable with the MTA option LDAP_DOMAIN_ATTR_CONVERSION_TAG). At the user level it is MailConversionTag (modifiable with the MTA option LDAP_CONVERSION_TAG). Both of these attributes can be multivalued with each value specifying a different tag. The set of tags associated with a given recipient is cumulative, that is, tags set at the domain level are combined with tags set at the user level.

Sender-based conversion tags can be set with the MTA options LDAP_SOURCE_CONVERSION_TAG and LDAP_DOMAIN_ATTR_SOURCE_CONVERSION_TAG, which specify user and domain level LDAP attributes respectively for conversion tags associated with these source address. There is no default attribute for either of these options.

Two new actions are available to system Sieves: addconversiontag and setconversiontag. Both accept a single argument: A string or list of conversion tags. addconversiontag adds the conversion tag(s) to the current list of tags while setconversiontag empties the existing list before adding the new ones. Note that these actions are performed very late in the game so setconversiontag can be used to undo all other conversion tag setting mechanisms. These allow you put conversion tags in the Sieves filters.

The Sieve envelope test accepts conversiontag as an envelope field specifier value. The test checks the current list of tags, one at a time. Note that the :count modifier, if specified, allows checking of the number of active conversion tags. This type of envelope test is restricted to system Sieves. Also note that this test only sees the set of tags that were present prior to Sieve processing—the effects of setconversiontag and addconversiontag actions are not visible.