Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

14.3.4 Brightmail Configuration Options

Selected Brightmail configuration file options are shown in Table 14–2. The most complete listing of Brightmail configuration file options can be obtained from Brightmail. Options and values are not case-sensitive.

Table 14–2 Selected Brightmail Configuration File Options

Brightmail Option  



A given message can have multiple verdicts. This specifies the precedence order. So if a message is processed for virus first, then for spam if you specified this option as virus-spam the verdicts are separated by hyphens (-). This is the recommended setting when using Brightmail with Sun Java System Messaging Server.


Specifies how to deliver normal messages, that is, not a spam or virus, and thus have no verdict. Usually you want to deliver this message normally, so you would specify inbox as the value. There is no default.


This attribute specifies what domain(s) are considered to be local. There can be multiple lines of this attribute specifying several domains which are all considered local. Local versus foreign domain is used to specify two different handling for a verdict. 

See below blSWClientDestinationLocal and blSWClientDestinationForeign. For example, you can specify


This specifies the verdict and action pair for the local domain. You would normally have two lines for this, one for spam and one for virus. The value is of the form verdict|action, For example,



The default Brightmail interpretation for the “null” action, meaning nothing to the right of the |, is to discard the message. So the example above discards the message if it has a verdict of virus. And if the verdict is spam, the above example files the message into the folder called spambox. If the message is not spam or virus, then the verdicts do not match, and the mail is delivered normally based on what’s set in the blSWClientDestinationDefault setting above.

When using a separate Brightmail server or servers from the MTA, you can customize the actions taken by each MTA by using the Brightmail_verdict_n, Brightmail_action_n, Brightmail_null_action, and Brightmail_string_action MTA options to override the actions and verdicts returned by the Brightmail server. In this example, you can use different Brightmail_null_action on the MTA to override the Virus action (which would be to discard it) or to use Brightmail_verdict_0=spambox, and Brightmail_action_0=data:,require "fileinto";fileinto "Junk"; to file into a folder called Junk instead of spambox.


Same format and interpretation as blSWClientDestinationLocal above, except this applies to users in the domain which are NOT local.


Always set this to TRUE when used with Sun Java System Messaging Server. 


Is of the form ip:port[,ip:port,...] to specify one or more Brightmail server’s IP address and port numbers