Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

16.5.3 Configuring LMTP on Back End Message Store Systems Having Full MTAs

The only changes from the configuration of a back end store messaging system to one with LMTP direct delivery to the store are that the following lines need to be added to the end of the dispatcher.cnf file:

! rfc 2033 LMTP server - store
! Uncomment the following line and set INTERFACE_ADDRESS to an 
! appropriate host IP (dotted quad) if the dispatcher needs to 
! listen on a specific interface (e.g. in a HA environment).


Note that by default, the LMTP services in the dispatcher.cnf file are commented out. You must uncomment them to get LMTP to work. Also, the LMTP port numbers are just examples, and can be anything you choose.

This is the same as the whole dispatcher.cnf file described above for when the back end store is configured only for LMTP. The mappings file also requires the PORT_ACCESS mappings as described for LMTP only back end stores.