Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

17.1 Vacation Autoreply Overview

Vacation Sieve scripts are generated automatically from the various LDAP vacation attributes (see 17.4 Vacation Autoreply Attributes). They can also be specified explicitly for additional flexibility. The underlying mechanism for tracking vacations is a set of files, one per intended recipient, that keep track of when replies were sent to the various senders.

Note –

charset of vacation message has changed to UTF-8.

By default, the MTA evaluates vacation on the back-end store systems. However, since MTA relays do not do as much work as back-end stores, for performance reasons, you can have the MTA evaluate vacation on the mail relay machines instead of on the back-end store. Use of this feature, however, can result in vacation responses being sent out more often than intended because different relays handle different messages. If you do not want vacation messages to be sent out more often than you intend, you may share the tracking of files between the relays. If this is also unacceptable to you, you can always have vacation evaluated on the back-end store systems.