Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

18.15.2 imsimta test -exp Syntax

imsimta test -exp tests Sieve language statements against a specified RFC2822 message and sends the results of the filter to standard output.

The syntax is as follows:

imsimta test -exp -mm -block -input=Sieve_language_scriptfile -message=rfc2822_message_file


-block treats the entire input as a single Sieve script. The default is to treat each line as a separate script and to evaluate it separately. The Sieve will only be evaluated once the end of file is reached.

-input=Sieve_file is a file containing the Sieve script. The default is to read the test script lines or script block from stdin.

-message=message_file is a text file containing the RFC 2822 message you want to test your Sieve script against. This has to be an RFC 2822 message only. It cannot be a queue file (not a zz*.00 file).

Once activated, this command reads script information, evaluates it in the context of the test message, and writes out the result. The result shows what actions would be taken as well as the result of evaluating the final statement in the script.

Additional useful qualifiers are:

-from=address specifies the envelope from: address to be used in envelope tests. The default is to use the value specified by the RETURN_ADDRESS MTA option.

-output=file writes results to file. The default is to write the results of script evaluation to stdout.