Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

Setting imexpire Rules Textually

Automatic message removal rules are set by specifying rules in a store.expirerule file. The store.expirerule file contains one expire criteria per line. An expire criteria of the global rule configuration file (msg-svr-base/data/store/store.expirerule) has the following format:

rule_name.attribute: value

An expiration rule for a user or mailbox rule configuration file has this format:

attribute: value

Example 20–4 shows a set of global expiration rules in msg-svr-base/config/store.expirerule.

Rule 1 sets the global expiration policy (that is, policy that applies to all messages), as follows:

Rule 2 sets the automatic message removal policy for users at the hosted domain It limits mailbox sizes to 1 megabyte, removes messages that have been deleted, and removes messages older than 14 days.

Rule 3 sets the automatic message removal policy for messages in the inbox folder of user f.dostoevski. It removes messages with a subject line having the expression “On-line Casino.”

Example 20–4 Example imexpire Rules

Rule1.regexp: 1
Rule1.folderpattern: user/.*
Rule1.messagesize: 100000
Rule1.messagesizedays: 3
Rule1.deleted: or
Rule1.Subject: Vigara Now!
Rule1.Subject: XXX Porn!
Rule1.messagecount: 1000
Rule1.messagedays: 365
Rule2.regexp: 1
Rule2.folderpattern: user/.**
Rule2.exclusive: 1
Rule2.deleted: or
Rule2.messagedays: 14
Rule2.messagecount: 1000
Rule3.folderpattern: user/f.dostoevski/inbox
Rule3.Subject: *On-line Casino*