Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

20.10.1 To Add a Partition

When adding a partition, you specify both an absolute physical path where the partition is stored on disk and a logical name, called the partition nickname.

The partition nickname allows you to map users to a logical partition name regardless of the physical path. When setting up user accounts and specifying the message store for a user, you can use the partition nickname. The name you enter must be an alphanumeric name and must use lowercase letters.

To create and manage the partition, the user ID used to run the server must have permission to write to the location specified in the physical path.

Note –

After adding a partition, you must stop then restart the server to refresh the configuration information.

ProcedureTo Add a Message Store Partition

  1. Command Line, To add a partition to the store at the command line:

    configutil -o store.partition.nickname.path -v path

    where nickname is the logical name of the partition and path indicates the absolute path name where the partition is stored.

    To specify the path of the default primary partition:

    configutil -o store.partition.primary.path -v path