Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide Configuring Relinker

Table 20–11 shows the parameters used to set relinker criteria.

Table 20–11 relinker configutil Parameters



Enables real-time relinking of messages in the append code and stored purge. The relinker command-line tool may be run even if this option is off. However since stored will not purge the repository, relinker -d must be used for this task. Turning this option on affects message delivery performance in exchange for the disk space savings.

Default: no

Maximum age in hours for messages to be kept in the repository, or considered by the relinker command-line. -1 means no age limit, that is, only purge orphaned messages from the repository. For relinker it means process existing messages regardless of age. Shorter values keep the repository smaller thus allow relinker or stored purge to run faster and reclaim disk space faster, while longer values allow duplicate message relinking over a longer period of time, for example, when users copy the same message to the store several days apart, or when running a migration over several days or weeks.

Default: 24

Minimum size in kilobytes for messages to be considered by run-time or command-line relinker. Setting a non-zero value gives up the relinker benefits for smaller messages in exchange for a smaller repository.

Default: 0

Approximate duration in hours of an entire stored purge cycle. The actual duration depends on the time it takes to scan each directory in the repository. Smaller values will use more I/O and larger values will not reclaim disk space as fast. 0 means run purge continuously without any pause between directories. -1 means don’t run purge in stored (then purge must be performed using the relinker -d command).

Default: 24