Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

20.12.4 Excluding Bulk Mail When You Perform Backups

When you perform a backup operation, you can specify mailboxes that will be excluded from being backed up. By excluding bulk or trash mailboxes that can accrue large numbers of unimportant messages, you can streamline the backup session, reduce the time to complete the operation, and minimize the disk space required to store the backup data.

To exclude mailboxes, specify a value for the configutil parameter

You can specify a single mailbox or a list of mailboxes separated by the ”%’ character. (”%’ is an illegal character in a mailbox name.) For example, you could specify the following values:


Trash%Bulk Mail%Third Class Mail

In the first example, the folder Trash is excluded. In the second example, the folders Trash, Bulk Mail, and Third Class Mail are excluded.

The backup utility backs up all folders in a user mailbox except those folders specified in the parameter.

This feature works with the Messaging Server backup utility, Legato Networker, and third-party backup software.

You can override the setting and back up an excluded mailbox by specifying its full logical name during the operation. Suppose the Trash folder has been excluded. You can still back up Trash by specifying, for example:


However, if you specify


the Trash folder is excluded.