Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

20.12.9 Message Store Disaster Backup and Recovery

A disaster refers to a catastrophic failure of the entire message store as opposed to a mailbox or set of mailboxes. That is, a situation where all data on the message store servers are lost. A complete message store disaster restore will consist of restoring the following lost data:

If you want to backup your Message Store for disaster recovery, you can use a file system snapshot tools to take a snapshot of the file system. The snapshot must be a point-in-time file system snapshot. Otherwise, the mboxlist backup cannot be used (the mboxlist database must restored from a complete database snapshot).

It is best to capture all the data (message store partitions, database files and so on) at the same point-in-time, however, if this cannot be done, then you must backup the data in this order:

  1. Database snapshots

  2. Database files

  3. Message store partitions

  4. Configuration data

If the message store partitions and the database files are not backed up with the same point-in-time snapshot, run reconstruct -m after restoring the file system snapshots. This will synchronize the database and the store partitions.