Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide User Mailbox Directory Problems

A user mailbox problem exists when the damage to the message store is limited to a small number of users and there is no global damage to the system. The following guidelines suggest a process for identifying, analyzing, and resolving a user mailbox directory problem:

  1. Review the log files, the error messages, or any unusual behavior that the user observes.

  2. To keep debugging information and history, copy the entire store_root/mboxlist/ user directory to another location outside the message store.

  3. To find the user folder that might be causing the problem, run the command reconstruct -r -n. If you are unable to find the folder using reconstruct, the folder might not exist in the folder.db.

    If you are unable to find the folder using the reconstruct -r -n command, use the hashdir command to determine the location. For more information on hashdir, see The hashdir Utility and the hashdir utility in the Messaging Server Command-line Utilities chapter of the Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Reference.

  4. Once you find the folder, examine the files, check permissions, and verify the proper file sizes.

  5. Use reconstruct -r (without the -n option) to rebuild the mailbox.

  6. If reconstruct does not detect a problem that you observe, you can force the reconstruction of your mail folders by using the reconstruct -r -f command.

  7. If the folder does not exist in the mboxlist directory (store_root/mboxlist), but exists in the partition directory store_root/partition), there might be a global inconsistency. In this case, you should run the reconstruct -m command.

  8. If the previous steps do not work, you can remove the store.idx file and run the reconstruct command again.

    Caution – Caution –

    You should only remove the store.idx file if you are sure there is a problem in the file that the reconstruct command is unable to find.

  9. If the issue is limited to a problematic message, you should copy the message file to another location outside of the message store and run the command reconstruct -r on the mailbox/ directory.

  10. If you determine the folder exists on the disk (store_root/partition/ directory), but is apparently not in the database (store_root/mboxlist/ directory), run the command reconstruct -m to ensure message store consistency.

For more information on the reconstruct command, see 20.14.3 Repairing Mailboxes and the Mailboxes Database