Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Move Mailboxes Using an IMAP client

This procedure can be used anytime messages need to be migrated from one messaging server to a different messaging server. Consider the advantages and disadvantages before moving mailboxes using this method.

The advantages of moving mailboxes using IMAP clients are as follows:

The disadvantages of moving mailboxes using IMAP clients are as follows:

  1. Install and configure the new Messaging Server.

  2. Set to yes.

    This will reduce the message store size on the new system caused by duplicate storage of identical messages. See 20.11.7 Reducing Message Store Size Due to Duplicate Storage of Identical Messages for more information.

  3. Provision users on the new Messaging Server.

    You can use Delegated Administrator to do this. As soon as users are provisioned on the new system, newly arriving mail will be delivered to the new INBOX.

  4. Have users configure their mail client to view both new and old Messaging Server mailboxes.

    This may involve setting up a new email account on the client. See mail client documentation for details.

  5. Instruct users to drag folders from their old Messaging Server to their new Messaging Server.

  6. Verify with users that all mailboxes are migrated to the new system, then shut down the user account on the old system.