Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

23.1 About Server Security

Server security encompasses a broad set of topics. In most enterprises, ensuring that only authorized people have access to the servers, that passwords or identities are not compromised, that people do not misrepresent themselves as others when communicating, and that communications can be held confidential when necessary are all important requirements for a messaging system.

Perhaps because the security of server communication can be compromised in many ways, there are many approaches to enhancing it. This chapter focuses on setting up encryption, authentication, and access control. It discusses the following security-related Messaging Server topics:

Not all security and access issues related to Messaging Server are treated in this chapter. Security topics that are discussed elsewhere include the following:

There are a large number of documents that cover a variety of security topics. For additional background on the topics mentioned here and for other security-related information, see documentation web site at