Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide Creating a Password File

On most Sun Java System servers for which SSL is enabled, the administrator is prompted at startup to supply the password required to decrypt the key pair. On Messaging Server, however, to alleviate the inconvenience of having to enter the password multiple times (it is needed by at least three server processes), and to facilitate unattended server restarts, the password is read from a password file. Passwords themselves are generated when their certificate database is created using the msgcert generate_certdb command.

The password file is named sslpassword.conf and is in the directory msg-svr-base/config/. Entries in the file are individual lines with the format


where moduleName is the name of the (internal or external) PKCS #11 module to be used, and password is the password that decrypts that module’s key pair. The password is stored as clear (unencrypted) text.

Messaging Server provides a default version of the password file, with the following single entry (for the internal module and default password):

Internal (Software) Token:netscape!

If you specify anything but the default password when you install an internal certificate, you need to edit the above line of the password file to reflect the password you specified. If you install an external module, you need to add a new line to the file, containing the module name and the password you specified for it.

Caution – Caution –

Because the administrator is not prompted for the module password at server startup, it is especially important that you ensure proper administrator access control to the server and proper physical security of the server host machine and its backups.