Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

23.6.1 Hierarchy of Delegated Administration

When you install the first Sun Java System server on your network, the installation program automatically creates a group in the LDAP user directory called the Configuration Administrators group. By default, the members of the Configuration Administrators group have unrestricted access to all hosts and servers on your network.

The Configuration Administrators group is at the top of an access hierarchy, such as the following, that you can create to implement delegated administration (if Sun Java System LDAP Schema v. 1 is used) for Messaging Server:

  1. Configuration administrator. The “super user” for the network of Sun Java System servers. Has complete access to all resources.

  2. Server administrator. A domain administrator might create groups to administer each type of server. For example, a Messaging Administrators group might be created to administer all Messaging Servers in an administrative domain or across the whole network. Members of that group have access to all Messaging Servers (but no other servers) in that administrative domain.

  3. Task administrator. Finally, any of the above administrators might create a group, or designate an individual user, with restricted access to a single Messaging Server or a set of Messaging Servers. Such a task administrator is permitted to perform only specific, limited server tasks (such as starting or stopping the server only, or accessing logs of a given service).

Console provides convenient interfaces that allow an administrator to perform the following tasks: