Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

23.7.5 To Create Access Filters for HTTP Proxy Authentication

Any store administrator can proxy authenticate to any service. (For more information about store administrators, see 20.4 Specifying Administrator Access to the Store authenticate to the service if their client host is granted access via a proxy authentication access filter.

Proxy authentication allows other services, such as a portal site, to authenticate users and pass the authentication credentials to the HTTP login service. For example, assume a portal site offers several services, one of which is Messenger Express web-based email. By using the HTTP proxy authentication feature, end users need only authenticate once to the portal service; they need not authenticate again to access their email. The portal site must configure a login server that acts as the interface between the client and the service. To help configure the login server for Messenger Express authentication, Sun Java System offers an authentication SDK for Messenger Express.

This section describes how to create allow filters to permit HTTP proxy authentication by IP address. This section does not describe how to set up your login server or how to use the Messenger Express authentication SDK. For more information about setting up your login server for Messenger Express and using the authentication SDK, contact your Sun Java System representative.

ProcedureTo Create Access Filters for HTTP Proxy Authentication

  1. Command Line. Specify access filters for proxy authentication to the HTTP service at the command line as follows:

    configutil -o service.service.proxydomainallowed -v filter

    where filter follows the syntax rules described in 23.7.2 Filter Syntax.