Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

24.8 Key Access Libraries for the Client Machines

Whether your mail users keep their private-public key pairs and certificates on a smart card or in a local key store of their browsers, key access libraries must be present on the client machines to support the storage methods.

The libraries are supplied by vendors of the smart cards and browsers. You must ensure that the correct libraries are on the client machines and specify the library name or names with the appropriate platform parameter in the smime.conf file. The parameters choices are:

You can specify only the libraries you know are installed on the client machines or you can specify all the library names for a given platform and vendor if you are not sure what is installed. If the S/MIME applet does not find the library it needs among the names you specify, the S/MIME features do not work.

The syntax to specify one or more library filenames is:



platorm_parameter is the parameter name for the platform of the client machine where Communications Express Mail is accessed. Choose one of these names: platformwin

vendor specifies the vendor of the smart card or browser. Choose one of these literals:

cac (for an ActivCard or NetSign smart card)

capi (for Internet Explorer with CAPI)

mozilla (for Mozilla with Network Security Services)

library_name specifies the library filename. See Table 24–4 for the library name for your vendor and operating system.

Table 24–4 Special Libraries for the Client Machines

Smart Card or Browser Vendor  

Operating System  

Library Filename  




Internet Explorer with Cryptographic Application Programming Interface (CAPI) 









24.8.1 Example

The following example specifies one smart card library and one Internet Explorer library, and one Mozilla library for a Windows platform: