Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

25.4.4 Searching and Viewing Service Logs

The log files provide the basic interface for viewing message store and administration log data. For a given service, log files are listed in chronological order. Once you have chosen a log file to search, you can narrow the search for individual events by specifying search parameters. Search Parameters

These are useful search parameters you can specify for viewing log data:

* Any set of characters (example: *.com)

? Any single character (example: 199?)

[nnn] Any character in the set nnn (example: [aeiou])

[^nnn] Any character not in the set nnn (example: [^aeiou])

[n-m] Any character in the range n-m (example: [A-Z])

[^n-m] Any character not in the range n-m (example: [^0-9])

\ Escape character: place before *, ?, [, or ] to use them as literals

Note: Searches are case-sensitive.

Examples of combining logging level and facility in viewing logs might include the following: