Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

26.2.6 Run a Channel Program Manually

When diagnosing an MTA delivery problem it is helpful to manually run an MTA delivery job, particularly after you enable debugging for one or more channels.

The command imsimta submit will notify the MTA Job Controller to run the channel. If debugging is enabled for the channel in question, imsimta submit will create a log file in directory /msg-svr-base/log as shown in Table 26–1.

The command imsimta run will perform outbound delivery for the channel under the currently active process, with output directed to your terminal. This may be more convenient than submitting a job, particularly if you suspect problems with job submission itself.

Note –

In order to manually run channels, the Job Controller must be running.

For information on syntax, options, parameters, examples of imsimta submit and imsimta run commands, refer to Command Descriptions in Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Reference.