Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

26.3.10 Server-Side Rules (SSR) Are Not Working

A filter consists of one or more conditional actions to apply to a mail message. Since the filters are stored and evaluated on the server, they are often referred to as server-side rules (SSR).

This section includes information on the following SSR topics:

See also 18.15 To Debug User-level Filters. Testing Your SSR Rules

# imsimta test -rewrite -debug -filter user@domain

In the output, look for the following information:

mmc_open_url called to open ssrf:user@ims-ms
   URL with quotes stripped: ssrd: user@ims-ms
Determined to be a SSRD URL.
   Identifier: user@ims-ms-daemon
Filter successfully obtained. Common Syntax Problems