Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

26.4.4 File open or create errors

In order to send a message, the MTA reads configuration files and creates message files in the MTA message queue directories. Configuration files must be readable by the MTA or any program written against the MTA’s SDKs. During installation, proper permissions are assigned to these files. The MTA utilities and procedures which create configuration files also assign permissions. If the files are protected by the system manager, other privileged user, or through some site-specific procedure, the MTA may not be able to read configuration information. This will result in “File open” errors or unpredictable behavior. The imsimta test -rewrite utility reports additional information when it encounters problems reading configuration files. See imsimta test in Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Reference.

If the MTA appears to function from privileged accounts but not from unprivileged accounts, then file permissions in the MTA table directory are likely the cause of the problem. Check the permissions on configuration files and their directories. See 26.2.3 Check the Ownership of Critical Files.

“File create” errors usually indicate a problem while creating a message file in an MTA message queue directory. See 26.2.2 Check the Message Queue Directories to diagnose file creation problems.