Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

A.5.6 mtaGroupErrorTable

This is another three-dimensional table which gives the counts of temporary and permanent errors encountered by each channel of each MTA while attempting delivery of messages. Entries with index values of 4000000 are temporary errors while those with indices of 5000000 are permanent errors. Temporary errors result in the message being re-queued for later delivery attempts; permanent errors result in either the message being rejected or otherwise returned as undeliverable.

Below is an example of data from mtaGroupErrorTable (mib-


    mtaGroupInboundErrorCount.1.1.4000000 1 = 0
    mtaGroupInboundErrorCount.1.1.5000000 = 0
    mtaGroupInternalErrorCount.1.1.4000000 = 0
    mtaGroupInternalErrorCount.1.1.5000000 = 0
    mtaGroupOutboundErrorCount.1.1.4000000 = 0
    mtaGroupOutboundErrorCount.1.1.5000000 = 0

    mtaGroupInboundErrorCount.1.2.4000000 1 = 0

    mtaGroupInboundErrorCount.1.3.4000000 1 = 0


  1. In the .x.y.z suffix, x is the application index, applIndex, and indicates which application in the applTable is being reported on. In this case, the MTA. The y indicates which channel of the mtaGroupTable is being reported on. In this example, 1 specifies the tcp_intranet channel, 2 the ims-ms channel, and 3 the tcp_local channel. Finally, the z is either 4000000 or 5000000 and indicates, respectively, counts of temporary and permanent errors encountered while attempting message deliveries for that channel.

A.5.6.1 mtaGroupErrorTable Usage

A large jump in error count may likely indicate an abnormal delivery problem. For instance, a large jump for a tcp_ channel may indicate a DNS or network problem. A large jump for the ims_ms channel may indicate a delivery problem to the message store (for example, a partition is full, stored problem, and so on).