Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

C.1 Introduction

Sun Java System Messaging Server implements email-to-mobile and mobile-to-email messaging using a Short Message Service (SMS). SMS can be configured to be either one-way (email-to-mobile only) or two-way (both email-to-mobile and mobile-to-email). To enable one-way service only, you must add and configure the SMS channel. To enable two-way service, you must add and configure the SMS channel, and in addition, configure the SMS Gateway Server.

For both one- and two-way SMS, the generated SMS messages are submitted to a Short Message Service Center (SMSC) using the Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) protocol. Specifically, the SMSC must provide a V3.4 or later SMPP server that supports TCP/IP.

Figure C–1 illustrates the logical flow of messages for both one-way and two-way SMS.

Figure C–1 Logical Flow For One-Way and Two-Way SMS

Graphic shows logical data flow of one- and two-way SMS.

C.1.1 One-Way SMS

To enable one-way service, the Messaging Server implements an SMPP client (the MTA SMS channel) that communicates with remote SMSCs. The SMS channel converts enqueued email messages to SMS messages as described in C.2.2 The Email to SMS Conversion Process of multipart MIME messages as well as character set translation issues.

Operating in this capacity, the SMS channel functions as an (SMPP) External Short Message Entity (ESME).

C.1.1.1 Two-Way SMS

Two-Way SMS enables the mail server not only to send email to remote devices, but allows for receiving replies from the remote devices and for remote device email origination.

Enabling two-way SMS service requires both the MTA SMS channel (SMPP client), as explained in the previous topic, and the SMS Gateway Server. Sun Java System Messaging Server installs an SMS Gateway Server as part of its general installation process, which you must then configure. The SMS Gateway Server performs two functions:

Note –

Sun Java System Messaging Server does not support the two-way SMS on the Windows platform.

C.1.2 Requirements

This manual assumes that you have read Logica CMG’s SMPP specification, and the SMPP documentation for your SMSC.

In order to implement SMS, you must have the following:

For storage planning information for the SMS Gateway Server, see C.6 SMS Gateway Server Storage Requirements