Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide


(0 or 1) When appropriate, the channel will use the UCS2 character set in the SMS messages it generates. This is the default behavior and corresponds to USE_UCS2=1. To disable the use of the UCS2 character set, specify USE_UCS2=0. See the description of the SMSC_DEFAULT_CHARSET option for further information on character set issues.

Table C–7 Valid Values for USE_UCS2

USE_UCS2 Value  


1 (default) 

The SMSC default character set will be used whenever possible. When the originating email message contains glyphs not in the SMSC default character set, then the UCS2 character set will be used. 

The SMSC default character set will always be used. Glyphs not available in that character set will be represented by mnemonics (for example, “AE” for AE-ligature).