Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide


(string, 0 - 252 bytes) By default, SMS messages are not given a relative validity period; instead, they use the SMSC’s default value. Use this option to specify a different relative validity period. Values may be specified in units of seconds, minutes, hours, or days. Table C–15 that follows specifies the format and description of the various values for this option:

Table C–15 DEFAULT_VALIDITY_PERIOD Format and Values




Implicit units of seconds; for example, 604800 


Units of seconds; for example, 604800s 


Units of minutes; for example, 10080m 


Units of hours; for example, 168h 


Units of days; for example, 7d 

A specification of 0, 0s, 0m, 0h, or 0d may be used to select the SMSC’s default validity period. That is, when a specification of 0, 0s, 0m, 0h, or 0d is used, an empty string is specified for the validity period in generated SMS messages.

Note that this option does not accept values in UTC format.