Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

C.3.6 Sample One-Way Configuration (MobileWay)

The MTA SMS channel may be used with any SMPP V3.4 compatible SMPP server. For purposes of illustrating an example configuration, this section explains how to configure the SMS channel for use with a MobileWay SMPP server. MobileWay ( is a leading provider of global data and SMS connectivity. By routing your SMS traffic through MobileWay, you can reach SMS subscribers on most of the major SMS networks throughout the world.

When requesting an SMPP account with MobileWay, you may be asked to answer the following questions:

After supplying MobileWay with the answers to the above questions, they will provide you with an SMPP account and information necessary to communicate with their SMPP servers. This information includes

Account Address: a.b.c.d:p
Account Login: system-id
Account Passwd: secret

The Account Address field is the IP address, a.b.c.d, and TCP port number, P., of the MobileWay SMPP server you will be connecting to. Use these values for the SMPP_SERVER and SMPP_PORT channel options. The Account Login and Passwd are, respectively, the values to use for the ESME_SYSTEM_ID and ESME_PASSWORD channel options. Using this information, your channel’s option file should include


Now, to interoperate with MobileWay you need to make two additional option settings


The rewrite rule in the imta.cnf file can appear as

sms.your-domain $u@sms.your-domain

And, the channel definition in the imta.cnf file can appear as


Once the channel option file, rewrite rule, and channel definition are in place, a test message may be sent. MobileWay requires International addressing of the form


For instance, to send a test message to the North American subscriber with the subscriber number (800) 555-1212, you would address your email message to


C.3.6.1 Debugging

To debug the channel, specify the master_debug channel keyword in the channel’s definition. For example,

sms_mway port 55555 threaddepth 20 \ 
backoff "pt2m" "pt5m" "pt10m" "pt30m" notices 1 master_debug

With the master_debug channel keyword, basic diagnostic information about the channel’s operation will be output to the channel’s log file. For verbose diagnostic information about the SMPP transactions undertaken by the channel, also specify


in the channel’s option file.