Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

C.5.8.1 Thread Tuning Options

Each inbound TCP connection represents an SMPP session. The processing for a session is handled by a worker thread from a pool of threads. When the session processing needs to wait for completion of an I/O request, the worker thread parks the session and is given other work to perform. When the I/O request completes, the session is resumed by an available worker thread from the pool.

The following options allow for tuning of this pool of worker thread processes: THREAD_COUNT_INITIAL, THREAD_COUNT_MAXIMUM, THREAD_STACK_SIZE.


(integer, > 0) Number of threads to initially create for the pool of worker threads. This count does not include the dedicated threads used to manage the in-memory historical data (2 threads) nor the dedicated threads used to listen for incoming TCP connections (one thread per TCP port/interface address pair the SMS Gateway Server listens on). The default value is for THREAD_COUNT_INITIAL is 10 threads.


(integer, >= THREAD_COUNT_INITIAL) Maximum number of threads to allow for the pool of worker threads. The default value is 50 threads.


(integer, > 0) Stack size in bytes for each worker thread in the pool of worker threads. The default value is 65,536 bytes (64 Kb).