Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide


(integer in [0,255]) Connection backlog allowed by the TCP stack for inbound SMPP client connections. The default value is 255.


(integer >= 0) The maximum number of concurrent, inbound TCP connections to allow for this SMPP server instantiation. Note that this value will be ignored if it exceeds the global LISTEN_CONNECTION_MAX setting.


(string, "INADDR_ANY" or dotted decimal IP address) The IP address of the network interface to listen to for inbound SMPP client connections on. May be either the string “INADDR_ANY” (all available interfaces) or an IP address in dotted decimal form. (For example, The default value is “INADDR_ANY”.


(integer, TCP port number) TCP port to bind to for accepting inbound SMPP client connections. Specification of this option is mandatory; there is no default value for this option. Note that there is no IANA assignment for this service.


(integer, seconds > 0) Timeout to allow when waiting to read data from an SMPP client. The default value is 600 seconds (10 minutes).


(integer, seconds > 0) Timeout to allow when sending data to an SMPP client. The default value is 120 seconds (2 minutes).