Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

C.5.12.1 Additional sms_option File Settings

The additional settings for the sms_option file are:

! So that we don’t add text to the body of the SMS message

Without these settings, an email containing: (Sample subject) Sample text

would get converted into the SMS message: Subject:Sample Subject Msg:Sample text

That, in turn, would not be in the format expected by the mobile-to-email code, which wants to see: (Sample subject) Sample text

Hence the need (for loopback testing) to specify empty strings for the FROM_FORMAT, SUBJECT_FORMAT, and CONTENT_PREFIX options.

Performing the Loopback Test

Send test email messages addressed to, such as: (Test message) This is a test message which should loop back

The result is that this email message should be routed back to the email recipient sure to have added to your DNS or host tables for the test.