Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

D.2 Directory Server Setup Script (

When you run the Directory Server Setup script ( to prepare Directory Server for Messaging Server configuration, record your installation parameters in Table D–2. You will need some of these parameters for the Messaging Server initial runtime configuration.

Table D–2 Script Parameters




Your Answers: 

Server Root 

Installation Root of the Directory Server dedicated to holding the server program, configuration, maintenance, and information files. 



Server Instance 

LDAP Directory Server daemon or service that is responsible for most functions. In certain deployments, you might dedicate an instance for maintaining users and groups and maintain a separate instance for configuration. 



DC Root 

If you want to have a two-tree DIT provisioning model (Sun LDAP Schema 1 or Sun ONE LDAP Schema.2 (compatibility mode), the DC Tree mirrors the local DNS structure and is used by the system as an index to the Organization Tree that contain the user and group data entries. 



User and Group Base Suffix 

Top entry in the Organization Tree which holds the namespace for user and group entries. 



Directory Manager DN and Password 

Administrator who is responsible for the user and group data in the Organization Tree. Should be the same as what was specified in the Sun Java Enterprise System Installer. 

Password of Directory Manager DN 

cn=Directory Manager