Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Install iPlanet Delegated Administrator

  1. Be sure that Sun Java System Directory Server 5.2 is installed and configured.

    For more information, read the appropriate Sun Java System Directory Server Installation Guide.

  2. Install and configure Messaging Server.

    Messaging Server will detect that you are using Sun LDAP Schema 1 since Sun Java System Access Manager will not be installed.

  3. Install Sun Java System Web Server 6.0 from your previous Messaging Server 5.2 bundle.

    Review the Sun Java System Web Server documentation and the Sun Java System Delegated Administrator documentation.

  4. Install iPlanet Delegated Administrator for Messaging 1.2 Patch 2.

    Contact your Sun support representative to obtain the latest version.

    Refer to the iPlanet Delegated Administrator documentation.