Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Unconfigure Messaging Server HA Support for Sun Cluster 3.x—Generic Example

This section describes how to undo the HA configuration for Sun Cluster. This section assumes the simple example configuration (described in the 3.4 Sun Cluster Installation (for example, Step 3) may be different but will otherwise follow the same logical order.

  1. Become the superuser.

    All of the following Sun Cluster commands require that you be running as user superuser.

  2. Bring the resource group offline.

    To shut down all of the resources in the resource group, issue the command

    # scswitch -F -g MAIL-RG

    This shuts down all resources within the resource group (for example, the Messaging Server and the HA logical host name).

  3. Disable the individual resources.

    Next, remove the resources one-by-one from the resource group with the commands:

    # scswitch -n -j mail-rs
    # scswitch -n -j disk-rs
    # scswitch -n -j budgie
  4. Remove the individual resources from the resource group.

    Once the resources have been disabled, you may remove them one-by-one from the resource group with the commands:

    # scrgadm -r -j mail-rs
    # scrgadm -r -j disk-rs
    # scrgadm -r -j budgie
  5. Remove the resource group.

    Once the all the resources have been removed from the resource group, the resource group itself may be removed with the command:

    # scrgadm -r -g MAIL-RG

  6. Remove the resource types (optional).

    Should you need to remove the resource types from the cluster, issue the commands:

    # scrgadm -r -t SUNW.ims
    # scrgadm -r -t SUNW.HAStoragePlus