Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Configure an SMPP Relay

  1. Add an SMPP relay instantiation (option group) to the SMS Gateway Server’s configuration file.

    To add an option group, use the following format:


    Any name may be used for the relay’s name. All that matters is that the name not be used for any other SMPP relay instantiation within the same configuration file.

  2. Set the LISTEN_PORT option.

    The value used for the SMS channel’s SMPP_PORT option must match that used for the relay’s LISTEN_PORT option. For the LISTEN_PORT, select a TCP port number which is not used by any other SMPP relay or server instantiation nor by any other server running on the same computer.

  3. Set the SERVER_HOST option.

    The relay’s SERVER_HOST option should give the host name for the remote SMSC’s SMPP server. An IP address may be used in place of a host name.

  4. Set the SERVER_PORT option.

    The relay’s SERVER_PORT option should give the TCP port for the remote SMSC’s SMPP server.

    For a complete description of all SMPP relay options, see C.5.9 SMPP Relay Options