Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Load the ENS Publisher on Messaging Server

Perform the following steps from the command line. In these steps, the location of the Messaging Server installation directory is msg-svr-base, and the Messaging Server user is inetuser. Typical values for these variables are /opt/SUNWmsgsr, and mailsrv, respectively.

  1. As mailsrv, run the configutil utility to load the libibiff file.

    cd msg-svr-base
    ./configutil -o "" -v "msg-svr-base/lib/libibiff"
  2. As root, stop then restart the messaging server.

    cd msg-svr-base/sbin



  3. You are now ready to receive notifications through ENS. See B.2 Running Sample Event Notification Service Programs