Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Configure the Inbound MTA Relays with LMTP

To configure inbound MTA relays to use LMTP, do the following:

  1. Modify your imta.cnf file and change the LMTP rewrite rules to read:

    ! lmtp
    .lmtp   $E$F$U%$H.lmtp@lmtpcs-daemon
    .lmtp   $B$F$U%$H@$H@lmtpcs-daemon
  2. Set the mailbox DELIVERY_OPTIONS to:

  3. Add the channel keywords multigate connectcanonical to each of the tcp_lmtp* channel blocks.

  4. Add the following channel keywords to the tcp_lmtpcs channel:

    fileinto @$4O:$U+$S@$D

    Note that the 'O' in the keyword above is a capital letter O, not a zero.

  5. The incoming MTA relay configuration settings should look like this:

    The option.dat entry for DELIVERY_OPTIONS should look like this:

    ! Modified DELIVERY_OPTIONS to activate LMTP 
    ! delivery from a frontend to the backend store

    After your changes the modified imta.cnf rewrite rules should look like this:

    ! lmtp
    .lmtp   $E$F$U%$H.lmtp@lmtpcs-daemon
    .lmtp   $B$F$U%$H@$H@lmtpcs-daemon

    The changed channel blocks should look like this:

    ! tcp_lmtpcs (LMTP client - store)
    tcp_lmtpcs defragment lmtp  multigate connectcanonical \
       fileinto @$4O:$U+$S@$D port 225 nodns single_sys \
       subdirs 20 maxjobs 7 pool SMTP_POOL dequeue_removeroute