Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Set Messaging Server Options that Apply to S/MIME

  1. Log in as root. Then enter:

    # cd msg-svr-base/sbin

    where msg-svr-base is the directory where Messaging Server is installed.

  2. Set the Messaging Server options, described in the following table, as desired for your system. Use the configutil utility to set them. Unless stated otherwise, an option is not required to be set.




    Controls whether the process that handles CRL checking should do CRL checking. 

    0 - the process does not check a certificate against a CRL. This is the default.

    1 - the process checks a certificate against a CRL. When set to 1, ensure that the crlenable parameter in the smime.conf file is set to 1.


    Specifies a port number on the machine where the Messaging Server runs to use for CRL communication. This port is used locally for that machine only. The value must be greater than 1024. The default is 55443.

    This is a required option if the default port number is already in use. 


    Controls whether the S/MIME features are available to Communications Express Mail users. Choose one of these values: 

    0 - the S/MIME features are unavailable for Communications Express Mail users even though the system is configured with the correct software and hardware components. This is the default.

    1 - the S/MIME features are available to Communications Express Mail users who have permission to use them.


    configutil -o local.webmail.smime.enable -v 1