Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Configure an Email-to-mobile Gateway Profile

  1. Add a gateway profile to the SMS Gateway Server configuration file.

    To add an option group, use the following format:


    The length of the gateway profile name, profile_name in the preceding format, must not exceed 11 bytes. The name must be the same as the name for the GATEWAY_PROFILE channel option in the SMS channel option file. The name is case insensitive. For a list of the valid channel options, see C.3.3 Available Options

  2. Set the gateway profile options (for example, SMSC_DEFAULT_CHARSET) to match characteristics of the remote SMSC.

  3. Set the other gateway profile options to match the SMS channel’s email characteristics.

    A complete description of gateway profile options, see C.5.11 Gateway Profile Options

  4. Set the CHANNEL option.

    Set its value to the name of the MTA SMS channel.

    When a notification is sent to email through the gateway, the resulting email message will be enqueued to the MTA using this channel name.