Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

20.8.3 Message Store Quota Attributes and Parameters

This section lists the major the message store quota attributes and configutil parameters. The intention is to provide you with an overview of the functionality interface. For detailed information on these attributes and parameters, refer to the appropriate reference documentation.

The following table lists the quota attributes. Refer to the Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Schema Reference

Table 20–6 Message Store Quota Attributes




Bytes of disk space allowed for the user’s mailbox.  


Maximum number of messages permitted for a user. This is a cumulative count for all folders in the store.  


Status of the mail user. Some of the possible values are active, inactive, deleted, hold, and overquota.


Bytes of disk space allowed for the cumulative count of all the mailboxes in a domain.  


Maximum number of messages permitted for a domain, that is, the total count for all mailboxes in the store. 


Status of the mail domain. Values and default are the same as mailUserStatus.

The following table lists the quota parameters. Refer to the Chapter 3, Messaging Server Configuration, in Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Reference for the latest and most detailed information.

Table 20–7 Message Store configutil parameters




Enable quota enforcement When off, the quota database is still updated, but messages are always delivered. Default: On 


Enable quota notification. Default: OFF 


Store default quota by number of bytes. Default: -1 (unlimited) 


Store default quota by number of messages. Numeric. Default: -1 (unlimited) 


Quota warning message. If none, notification is not sent. Default: None. 


Interval, in days, for sending overquota notification. Default: 7 


Time, in hours, a mailbox has been overquota before messages to the mailbox will bounce back to the sender. Number of hours. Default: 120 


Quota warning threshold. Percentage of quota exceeded before clients are sent an over quota warning. Default: 90

Used to provide compatibility with systems that migrated from the Netscape Messaging Server. When ON, allow delivery of one message that puts disk usage over quota. After the user is over quota, messages are deferred or bounced, the quota warning message is sent, and the quota grace period timer starts. (The default is that the quota warning messages are sent when the message store reaches the threshold.) Default: Off, but is treated as on if is set, otherwise the user can never go over quota and the overquotastatus is never used.

Enable quota enforcement before messages are enqueued in the MTA. This prevents the MTA queues from filling up. When set, and a user is not yet over quota, but an incoming message pushes the user over quota, then the message is delivered, but the mailuserstatus LDAP attribute is set to overquota so no more messages will be accepted by the MTA. Default: off 

Message store quota also includes a couple of utilities. iminitquota in Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Reference initializes quota settings. In other words, quota attributes and configutil parameters will take effect automatically after running this command. The changes would take effect without running this, but not immediately, as information is stored in caches and it will take a little time before the changes take effect.

The imquotacheck utility allows you to check message store usage against assigned quotas.