Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

22.3.3 Notifications for Particular Message Types

Notifications can deliver status information about messages of different types, such as text messages, voice mail, and image data. Users often expect these heterogeneous message types to be stored in the same mail folder. For example, a user may want new text messages and voice mail to arrive in the user's cell phone inbox.

To configure these message types, you use configutil commands such as store.messagetype.enable. For information about configuring and managing message types, see “Managing Message Types” in “Chapter 18: Managing the Message Store.”

Once the message types have been configured, JMQ notification messages can identify the particular message types. You can write your Message Queue client to interpret notification messages by message type and deliver status information about each type to the mail client.

For example, suppose new messages of different types arrive in a user's mailbox. A NewMsg notification message can carry data to tell the user that, for example, there are seven new voice mail messages and four new text messages in the user's inbox.

The following notification messages can carry information that tracks particular message types:


The JMQ notification function counts the number of messages currently in the mailbox, by message type. Instead of sending one count, an array specifying the count for each message type is sent with the notification message.

The message-specific count is carried in the numMsgs property and delivered with the notification message. For ReadMsg and TrashMsg notification messages, the number of messages seen (numSeen) and the number marked as deleted (numDeleted) are also counted by message type.

Note –

The Event Notification Service does not support message types. Use a JMQ notification plug-in to deliver information about message types.