Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

20.7.4 Administering Quotas by Message Type

When you set a quota for a message type, you include that value in a quota root. A quota root specifies quotas for a user. It can specify different quotas for particular message types and mailbox folders, and it can specify a default quota that applies to all remaining message types, folders, and messages not defined by type.

For complete information about setting and managing quotas, see 20.8.2 Quota Theory of Operations Before You Set Message-Type Quotas

Before you can set quotas for message types, you must configure the following parameters: Methods of Setting Message-Type Quotas

Use one of the following methods to set quotas for message types:

When you set a quota for the message type with a configutil parameter or LDAP attribute shown above, you must use the quota root specified with the store.messagetype.x.quotaroot parameter. Example of a Message-Type Quota Root

The example described in this section sets the following quotas for the user joe:

This quota root permits greater storage in the Archive folder (100 M) than in all the other folders and message types combined (60 M). Also, no message limit is set for the Archive folder; in this example, only storage limits matter for archiving.

The message types have both storage and number-of-message quotas.

The message-type quotas apply to the sum of all messages of those types, whether they are stored in the Archive folder or in any other folder.

The default mailbox quotas apply to all messages that are not text or voice message types and are not stored in the Archive folder. That is, the message-type quotas and Archive quota are not counted as part of the default mailbox quotas.

To set the quota root in this example, you would take the following steps:

  1. Configure the store.messagetype.x.quotaroot parameter as follows:

    store.messagetype.1.quotaroot = text
    store.messagetype.2.quotaroot = voice
  2. Configure the mailQuota attribute for the user joe as follows:

    mailQuota: 20M;#text%10M;#voice%10M;Archive%100M
  3. Configure the mailMsgQuota attribute for the user joe as follows:

    mailMsgQuota: 5000;#text%2000;#voice%200

When you run the getquotaroot IMAP command, the resulting IMAP session displays all quota roots for the user joe's mailbox, as shown here:

1 getquotaroot INBOX
* QUOTAROOT INBOX user/joe user/joe/#text user/joe/#voice
* QUOTA user/joe (STORAGE 12340 20480 MESSAGE 148 5000)
* QUOTA user/joe/#text (STORAGE 1966 10240 MESSAGE 92 2000)
* QUOTA user/joe/#voice (STORAGE 7050 10240 MESSAGE 24 200)

2 getquotaroot Archive
* QUOTAROOT user/joe/Archive user/joe/#text user/joe/#voice
* QUOTA user/joe/Archive (STORAGE 35424 102400)
* QUOTA user/joe/#text (STORAGE 1966 10240 MESSAGE 92 2000)

* QUOTA user/joe/#voice (STORAGE 7050 10240 MESSAGE 24 200)